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Dr. Reza Khamneipur – A Chiropractor in Vancouver to Alleviate Your Body Pains

Have you been injured because of strenuous exercises, sports activities, or an accident? Dr. Reza Khamneipur, D.C., is a chiropractor Vancouver patients can count on.  Dr. Khamneipur can help relieve the pain, stiffness, and any other symptoms that you are experiencing right now.

People often ignore chronic pain, especially if the symptoms register below their threshold of pain. This is not recommended. Failure to seek immediate treatment could result in serious injuries, limiting mobility and affecting productivity. It can also lead to other, more serious problems in the future.

Dr. Khamneipur is a licensed chiropractor who specializes in the non-invasive treatment of back injuries and more. He holds the distinction of being an Advanced Proficiency Doctor for Activator Methods Non-Force Technique, which is a treatment method that recognizes and utilizes the body’s natural capacity to heal itself.

Because of his passion for different sports, Dr. Khamneipur has pursued advanced treatment of sports-related injuries and has earned, in addition to other certificates, the Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician. Come to him for lasting relief and wellness.


Welcome to Our state of the art Health Care Center, located in 205-2786 West 16th Avenue, offers practical and excellent relief of chronic back pain, lower back pain, neck pain, headaches, disc disorders, sports as well as injuries resulted from auto accidents. We help youths, adults and seniors. Find out why health-conscious people choose as a leading provider of musculoskeletal care.

Please explore our information-rich website and observe what makes the experience and results of our health care center superior and unique than other health care centers.

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Why Vancouver Chiropractors?

As a chiropractor Vancouver patients trust, Dr. Khamneipur strives to continuously learn and advance in his field.

Many medical professionals recommend that injured patients ought to be subjected to periodic treatments. We utilize advanced chiropractic techniques to give our patients the best possible care.

Benefit from Dr. Khamneipur’s Care

Dr. Reza Khamneipur is recognized both in his community as a leading authority amongst chiropractic doctors.

His advanced chiropractic system of patient care has achieved superior results for his patients, including those with chronic and serious cases. The overwhelming majority of patients receiving our Advanced Chiropractic treatments will be able to perform at their best. It is for this reason that is highly recommended by medical doctors, chiropractors, and other health care providers when it comes to their patient referrals. The musculoskeletal care developed by Dr. Khamneipur has shown profound and excellent results for patients under his care.

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